Aioi “…the settlement was more than what they expected to receive. Greatly appreciate all of your efforts and positive outcome regarding this matter.”

pay Aurogra “I get ‘collection’ matters all the time which as you know is not my specialty.  Your firm always does a great job for your clients and it is a relief to me being able to send referrals to lawyers that I know and trust will properly represent the client.”

“Thank you … and congratulations on a highly successful case. The end result has been better than any of us anticipated and you have one happy and grateful client.”

“You guys were great to work with and the outcome couldn’t have been better.”

“Thank you for your excellent representation in this matter.”

“I was very impressed with the work your office did and the outcome was outstanding. Win or lose, I thought your work on the case was excellent and I really appreciated your integrity and professionalism. I feel fortunate to have been able to work with you…on the case.”

“I wanted to thank you for your work on this. We find that we spend a lot of time managing some of the attorneys we work with across the country.  That is not the case with your office and it really makes our job easier.  We appreciate all that you do and I wanted to pay a compliment to you and your staff. While we are not a high volume agency, we would like you know that you will be getting 100% of our claims in Arizona going forward.”

“Great job. I like using your firm. You guys always get the job done, report updates, and are easy to work with. Thank you for the assistance.”

“With thanks and appreciation, the JFL Board of Directors & Staff would like to recognize Stanley M. Hammerman for providing over 40 years of services to Jewish Free Loan. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to helping us meet the needs of our Jewish community.”